The Project

CYCLOFRET ® is a cargo bike for the transportation of goods over the last kilometre and/or for the warehouse. It has a capacity to carry pallets or containers in Euro-pallet format. It is self-discharging and does not require any handling tools to ship or disembark pallets or containers. Designed to meet the expectations of transport and logistics professionals by limiting the burdens on their organizations, CYCLOFRET ® is the culmination of several experiments in the design and use of vehicles for urban delivery and collection.

The digitisation of the company and the growth of the flow of goods in increasingly constrained circumstances require new mobility solutions to meet environmental issues, air quality, noise pollution and congestion of the public space. While freight transport in the city represents more than 25% of the fleet of vehicles and volumes of polluting emissions in the city, stakeholders need to rethink their organizational models, their societal strategies and their quality objectives.

With a logic of guaranteeing access to the area and maintaining the productive apparatus, CYCLOFRET ® offers a rational, thrifty, and sustainable tool for the deliveries and the collection of goods in the city, in particular in connection with tight logistical space. While bound up with a strategy of energy saving and ecological transition of modes and practices, CYCLOFRET ® is aimed at the many players in the mobility of goods of the last kilometre and/or in warehouse:

  1. Chargers
  2. Carriers
  3. Large distribution and delivery;
  4. Logisticians
  5. Logistic return and treatment of diverse waste;
  6. Artisans
  7. Communities and delegates ;
  8. ….

CYCLOFRET ® is manufactured and assembled with partners in France, in close proximity in order to respect a chain of production and routing in short circuits.