Technical Specifications

CYCLOFRET ® is an electrically assisted tricycle (rear-load) cargo bike capable of loading, laying, transporting and disposing of the EUR-EPAL certified standard handling unit. Thanks to its onboard hydraulic lift system, CYCLOFRET ® is a full-fledged intermodal handling tool, and offers the possibility of placing and dropping two types of transport units:

  • A secure removable container, based on the ground “palette Europe”, with a payload of 250 kgs and a cargo volume of 1.7 m3. This container is predisposed for the transport of parcels;
  • All Europe-standardized pallets, within the limit of 330 kgs of load.

In the city, CYCLOFRET ® operates easily by easing the conditions of road traffic, in order to allow the delivery on the ground floor. Thanks to its length of 2m90 and its width of 1m20, CYCLOFRET ® is designed to access the bicycle equipment: cycling tracks and lanes, fire waiting SAS, turn-to-right, bicycle counter-senses, etc. The overall height also allows access to constrained urban logistic spaces, in the image of car parks.

In the industrial environment, CYCLOFRET ® is the milestone between the heavy warehouse handling tool and the customer’s pallet, guaranteeing continuity of the supply chain without any load interruption.

The transport organization deployed through the CYCLOFRET ® allows one to process as many goods as a light road utility vehicle, according to the following ratios:

  • Load of empty vehicle/payload:
    • 8 times less empty load for an equivalent payload (in kgs)
  • Energy Consumption/payload:
    • 10 times less energy consumption (in kwh);
  • Ground Occupation/Useful Volume:
    • 4 times less specific vehicle unit (in UVP).
Payload of the container 250kgs
Length 2,9m
Width 1,2m
Height 1,9m
Useful volume 1,7m3
Electrical Assistance Power 48V / 21Ah
Speed maximum 20km/h

CYCLOFRET ® is offered on a long term rental (36 months), from €249 HT/month. Its secure container is also available for rent from €30 HT/month. Offers of related services (SAV, route, delivery,…) are also available.