Who are we?

Professional transport and logistics, the design, development and marketing team of CYCLOFRET ® has long experience in urban logistics and the last kilometre.

Gilles Manuelle, founder of the bicycle delivery company La Petite Reine ® in 2001, develops the first modern cargo-cycle. The logistic service, addressed to the carriers of small parcels (Coliposte, TNT, Fedex, DHL, Chronopost, Target…), has allowed it to find landmark roles in Paris, Rouen, Lyon, Dijon, Bordeaux and Geneva. Founder of the Green Company-Chez-You ® in 2011, Gilles Manuelle is an actor in the technical development  and use of the cargo-bike in the goods transport sector in the city, working this time for the account of shippers in Paris. In 2016, AMME ® is incorporated to carry the CYCLOFRET ® project in particular.

Kevin Janin specializes in mixed freight/passenger networks and infrastructure, as well as in urban logistics. He has been involved in the TramFret ® Project for several years and benefits the CYCLOFRET ® its expertise in the intermodality and transversality of the organizations of the last kilometer, as well as in the diversification and replicability of the logistic models.

Conceived as a performance tool for the professional transport and logistics actors, CYCLOFRET ® is the result of the maturity of the capacity cargo bike, respectful of the economic and environmental challenges of the sector. The project is accompanied by the Banque des Territoires, the Future Investment Programme, and the real estate developer IDEC Group.