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Long-term rental from €249 HT/month for cycling and €30 HT/month for Euro-Pallet secure container


Transport and logistics professionals, shippers, professionals of large distribution deliveries to artisans, communities and public services...

Sustainable city

Vehicle that allows one to set up energy efficient, silent and economical logistical organisations for its users, sustainable for the cities of tomorrow

The concept

CYCLOFRET ®, a cargo bike for the transport of goods equipped with a removable container, revolutionizes the urban logistics of the last kilometre. Rugged, agile and equipped with a large carrying capacity, CYCLOFRET ® is a new asset for the competitiveness of urban mobility of goods.

Integrated into the supply chain, efficient, productive and sustainable, CYCLOFRET ® is one of the new tools for the handling and transport of goods.

CYCLOFRET ® is a lever for the ecological transition of transport organizations in the city, particularly for packages and the Euro pallet. Respectful of the global paradigm shift defended and enshrined in a functional economic approach, CYCLOFRET ® is part of a short circuit development cycle by being 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in France.

Date: 2021-06-22



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